Mad Skills #RTTB


Today’s reading in our read through the Bible program was talking all about the crafting of Aaron’s ephod that he and his sons would wear into the tabernacle to make sacrifices to the LORD.

But where did God get the process started?

Exodus 28:3 “You shall speak to all the skillful, whom I have filled with the spirit of skill, that they make Aaron’s garments to consecrate him for my priesthood.”

God didn’t make the garments magically appear for Aaron, he said go get this guy that I created and gifted to do that to make it.

Three big things for us in this that really stick out:

  1. Skills matter: God didn’t get someone with just a good heart to craft his tabernacle or make these garments. He had gifted people to be able to work these materials in such a way that it seems to me was given by Him for them to do. A lot of us can desperately want to do certain things, but God has created certain people to do certain things. Just this morning there were several guys from my small group at breakfast talking about a valve that had been created by their team of engineers and it was going to be deployed to these different drills across the world for getting to these natural resources. Well guess what, while I can enjoy that conversation and understand what a valve is, that doesn’t mean that I need to stick my hands into that very specific situation. I need to be a worship leader who understands my craft, and thank God that these guys in my group are fighting fires, creating valves, servicing nuclear subs, and going into space.
  2. The Work Needs to Be Done: God had created these guys with the skills to do it, but now that the moment came they were called up and they did it. Some of you guys know that you are very skilled in some area. Maybe you really relate to anyone, maybe you are a great writer, maybe you love to just work hard, maybe you are a computer programmer. God has put these things in you for the Kingdom of God. When He calls be listening.
  3. God has an opinion: God has a purpose for your skills. God has an opinion. If we are listening to God He will make good on the investment that He has placed within you, and when He does He will guide you. This part of Exodus can be very tedious to read but the exacting nature of what God said to create is glorious because, Praise God that He isn’t far from us and uninvolved.

Do you feel like you are experiencing a silence from God? Maybe He has already gifted you, spoken to you, and is waiting for your action to give you that guidance? My prayer today is that I am not just existing but striving to use all He’s given me for something more.



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