Love from a Full Plate

This is honestly more of a confession blog than an informative one.
We have a very full calendar in the Harding family. We have 7 kids, all with their own needs, wants and desires. We work hard at having a marriage that honors each other. I work full time as a worship pastor. Glenna, my wife, is part time photographer, full-time homeschool teacher.

My confession is that sometimes I look at my time and think that my plate is full and I don’t have anything to give to anyone. What that has lulled me into being is someone who walks around with an excuse. Don’t mishear what I’m saying, I AM someone who walks around with very real responsibilities that take precedence over many other opportunities, but there is this place that I feel like I’ve slipped into that is a constant hurry to finish whatever I’m doing to find some chance to breathe between those responsibilities.

So you might think, “Well, dude that’s ok, you need downtime”. I do but my full plate has slowly pushed me to hoard that “downtime” all for my own selfish desires, instead of doing what I feel like desire to do and that is giving love sacrificially.

I have countless and undeniable instances in my life where loving someone else over myself has been so much more fulfilling than anything I am fighting so hard to have time for. It can creep in so subversively. Before you know it, you are shorting your quality time with your kids, not creating conversations with the people you love for fear that they may need you.

I may have a full plate and a busy schedule, but God created me and my family to live in community and love everyone He brings in our path. So I’m committing to love in those cracks between, love in the responsibilities, love in the hard, love in the mundane, love in artistic, love in the pragmatic. I honestly have a fear of too long living any other way…I may lose myself.


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