ADOPTION / GOSPEL: Relive, Remember, Repeat

This past Thursday night Glenna and I had a really cool opportunity to go to our adoptive placement agency Pathways Youth and Family Services Headquarters to share our foster/adoption story with several families who are finishing up their licensing. Scott, who is the director of Pathways, and who did more than hold our hands through our process, asked us to just field questions and talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of all we went through.

Honestly you never know what to expect in a situation like that, but that night was really special. I know we were asked to come and hopefully help these families get ready to jump into their own stories and I hope we did, but Glenna and I walked away so humbled to get to relive all that God has done. It was cool to see our story intersect with what these people were going through. There were pieces of our story that it almost seemed were orchestrated to be spoken into these families at this moment to encourage them to stay with it. We left so grateful for all that God has put us through, grateful to spend the time to remember. In our day in day out life that story isn’t always in our face, but we pulled back into the driveway that night rejuvenated to take it all head on.

I just can’t help but think this is exactly what church is like every week when we gather together. We all bring our story of what God has been doing all week and throughout our life into one room. We get to see how those pieces of our story were orchestrated for that Sunday to encourage someone else that day. We throw those stories up against the truth of the gospel and remember what Jesus has done for us, and we repeat and remind ourselves of the “why” in life. At the end we pull back into our driveways rejuvenated to take it all head on.


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