When It Hits The Fan

box fan

Ok that title may have been misleading on some level, but nonetheless accurate. Heading into the new year we think a lot about change, but what if it isn’t the broad sweeping changes but the little things.

The other night Glenna and I were sleeping in the boys’ bunk room and had given our room to the 3 big kids and Glenna’s mom since we were coming home very late. We got all settled in our bunk beds like a couple of kids at camp, and after we talked about all of our crushes and told a few ghost stories, we both started drifting off to sleep. I was in that wonderful place right before you go to sleep but when your mind hasn’t picked the setting for your dreams, when it got rudely interrupted by this clacking noise.

In my daze I wasn’t quite sure what it was but I knew for sure it wasn’t something I couldn’t fix AND still stay all cozy in my nice warm bunk. So I ignored it and it stopped. A couple of seconds later “flap flap clack!” Then I realized that it was the box fan. One of the kids (or several of them) had ripped up something and stuffed it into the fan. It had been just resting on the bottom of the inside of the fan until the fan got going and kicked it all up. I felt like Scrooge trying to ignore a Christmas ghost, I shut my eyes tighter, pulled the covers over my head, and finally finally fell asleep.

Early in the morning I woke up, not rested, but almost like my mind went to sleep while my body stayed up listening to the racket.

I lost what could have been a heck of a night’s sleep in my comfy bunk because I wasn’t willing to go through the momentary discomfort of getting up and doing something. All I had to do was grab a screw driver from the next room, remove a few screws and get rid of the paper, but instead I was stubborn, unmoving, “comfortable enough”

Here comes the inevitable life lesson that had BETTER follow such a gripping story. I laid in bed that morning in my annoyance just thinking “Wow God. How many times have I let those little things settle into my life? How many times have a let better rule my time over best? How many little sins have I tolerated? All for the sake of not rocking the boat, for the sake of comfort, for the sake of status quo.”

Well you know what happens when you let those things settle in there and someone turns on the fan? It hits the fan!

That silly moment was something God used to push me to start looking at what’s settled inside that I need to let him begin to do the work on. He’s waiting for me to get out of the bed and loosen the screws.

What about you?


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