BEING A DAD: Student/Teacher

This morning I was reading several of the stories in the first edition of The Great Discontent (which you should check out which is a publication created by a husband and wife team.

Great stories about all types of people like singers, artists, writers, programmers, photographers, and one of the threads that ties each story together was how and when they got interested in what they do now. I know it isn’t the case with every person but they said things like “a choir teacher got me to sing” or “my dad put a camera in my hand”.

That got me thinking that as a father of 6, how do I keep my eyes open to that right moment to inspire, to steer, to equip? Part of my job as the dad and provider is to make sure that they are well fed and cared for but we all know that a great story that changes the world or at least lights up the world around it doesn’t always ride on the rails.

This isn’t a blog to answer this question but instead to pose it. For now I’m trying to be a student of each of my kids so that what I learn can afford me the chance to be the teacher.



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