ADOPTION: Unbelievable Generosity and Our New Van


I remember when I was about 6 or 7 years old I was with my dad in our music room and he picked up an envelope that someone had anonymously given him. Of course, at that moment I didn’t think anything of it but he opened it then stood motionless for a minute. His eyes filled with tears because inside of it was cash and a note that said “for your family to buy a microwave”.
Now by today’s standards that wouldn’t seem like a big deal now but back in 1982 that was about as revolutionary as the internet. We never knew who had given us that note but that microwave that we bought lived in our house for the next 20 years (and mostly still worked the day it was retired).

That moment for some reason stuck with me. Why did someone do that? Why did they give what we couldn’t get?

We had that type moment in our family a couple of weeks ago, but on a level that I can’t even describe adequately. Since we have brought on these two new boys into family, our minivan had seemed more “mini” than ever. A family friend of ours stopped by to meet the boys and made mention that they felt like God wanted them to help us with our transportation.

I never anticipated what their definition of “help us with our transportation” meant. Last Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from the husband of the couple asking if he could swing by my house. So a few minutes after I got home a brand new amazing 12 passenger van comes rolling up in front of our house. He steps out of the passenger side of the van with a huge smile on his face and holds up a set of keys.

In that moment I truly, on a huge level, understood that feeling my dad had when he opened that envelope. There wasn’t anything that we had done to deserve something this HUGE, but he just simply said, “We aren’t ever going to adopt, but this is what we can do to be a part. You were obedient, and so we want to be obedient too.” What a crazy testimony. What a tenderness to the Holy Spirit. What an encouragement to us, as we are trying to literally navigate this larger family. What a beautiful picture of the body of Christ. It’s been a hugely humbling experience.


2 thoughts on “ADOPTION: Unbelievable Generosity and Our New Van

  1. Wow, that truly is amazing. God is such an amazing father and how he takes care of his children. Love this and what a gift for your family and for the family that was able to give.

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