ADOPTION: Opening Day and Level Ground


I love baseball. I love all of the stories that swirl around that dance between the pitcher and the batter. I love an infield shift, I love a full count in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded. I love the smell of the ballpark. There is one special day in every baseball season, and that’s Opening Day. Opening Day is different than any other next 180 days or so that will follow because Opening Day is the only day of the year where every record holds to 0 wins and 0 losses. It is a fresh start. It doesn’t matter where you ended at the end of fall. It doesn’t matter what happened all off-season. Everyone is on level ground. Everyone hasn’t struck out and everyone hasn’t hit that game winner. There is a hope that lives in Opening Day and it is had by every single person who plays the game.

We, as the Harding Family, find ourselves on this Opening Day of 2014 of the Major League Baseball Season with an opening day of our own. On Opening Day this year we had a new beginning. Our family received into our home two little boys, and guess what, it’s just the same as the other Opening Day. What’s true for these two boys is that it doesn’t matter too much what has happened every single day before this day. For Glenna, Rylor, Everett, Harper, and Jasper, it doesn’t matter too much what has happened before this day for us either. For all eight of us it is Opening Day, and with opening day hope springs eternal. A hope for a better season of life, not just for M and J that we are adopting but also for us too. Hope springs eternal that we can be a better family than we were before that day.

There isn’t a single player that steps onto the field on the first day of the season and has any notion that they are going to somehow avoid every strike out, every injury, or every error, but every play is a chance to get it right. For me and my family, every day is a new chance for us to get it right, with the grace of God we’re gonna head into this next season.

Over these next few weeks the boys will be in a back and forth transition between their wonderful foster family and  we, their new forever family, while all of the final details are getting ironed out. We beg you for your prayers, stay tuned for a great season!

(batting clean up) Aric


One thought on “ADOPTION: Opening Day and Level Ground

  1. The GAME resembles life in so many ways. I can totally relate to what you are saying. Some days you go 3 for 4 with a couple RBI and the next day it’s 0 for 3 with a couple strikeouts. It’s the love of the game and for the members of our team that creates such a wonderful bond. As a coach /parent we want our players/kids to work hard, respect the game, enjoy the ride and learn from their mistakes because there will be many opportunities for them all. So many more analogies that make me agree with both you and that famous line from the movie, The SANDLOT, “Baseball is Life”.
    Here’s to a great season, Go Get Em!!!

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