ADOPTION: Our Story from the Front Lines

You know how sometimes you’ll watch a movie preview and at the end you see those five words that really up your curiosity? “based on a true story”. You immediately realize that what you are watching isn’t a dream of some reality created by someone’s imagination, but instead a retelling of true events from the eyewitness’s account. There is a certain gravity that comes into play at that point.
My wife Glenna and I find ourselves in that place right now with our life that many other people we know have gone and many other people after us, I pray, will follow and that is the road of adoption.

I want to take these times here on my blog to share the steps we are taking, the trials we face, the things we learn, the true emotions that are wrapped up in this so that it can maybe be that story from the front lines that you need some insight into if this is a road that you are thinking of heading down. Also our whole family would love to know that our friends, family, and maybe new friends that we make through this are praying for us in all of this. I’m going to try to make it a point to post once a week, but it will likely be just as things happen, and these will likely be longer posts than the norm, so you can know that going in. Make yourself a cup of coffee and dig in.

Glenna and I are right now about to take an adoptive placement most likely within the week of two little precious boys. One who we will call M for now, who just turned 3 and the other little brother who we will call J for now who is about to be 2 soon. We feel like we are at a turning point in this road of adoption since we are finally getting a permanent placement. This path is a direction that we started almost 3 years ago, so I will take some of these times to be very candid about our road of fostering at another time (which won’t be short) but for now I’ll stop at saying simply we feel very blessed, anxious, excited, a little scared at times, but in all of this we know that this is exactly where God is taking us. No matter where you are in life, if you know it’s the road God’s placed in front of you then you can rest assured forward is the only direction to go.


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