“PERFECTION: the duty of creatives” by Aric


Do you remember that game Perfection. If you ever had that game it was definitely the cause of some major anxiety as a kid. Glenna and I pulled it out the other night and it’s still as riveting. If you haven’t, the way it works is you are given 1 minute and a myriad of shapes to fit into the right holes before the clock runs out and tosses the pieces into the air like a big slap in the face! I’m sure some real science went into the creating of this game because it isn’t easy. 

It’s funny that the game is called Perfection because you really do win when all of the shapes are placed perfectly where they go. It made me think about the Body of Christ and more specifically where we as creatives find ourselves often, which is standing there with a stack of shapes scrounging for the place that they go. We hone our crafts whether it be design, songwriting, writing and we can get trapped into thinking that the Sunday morning gathering is the only place that our piece can serve the Church. The truth is that is probably the laziest perspective that we can grab onto. The people that God has placed in our path are living breathing people with open ears and eyes 24/7. When we feel like we’ve written a song or devotion that could really serve the Church, yes look to Sunday, but don’t be blind to the rest of the game board because if we are striving for “perfection” it takes us all using what God gives us to fill the board. 

A couple of practical questions to guide your search for your place in “perfection”:

1. Who’s already looking? Who are on your teams that you are speaking into? Who is primarily filling your comment section on your Facebook? Who is following you on twitter? People who are looking your direction will see what you do. LET THEM!

2. Don’t fear the sketch. I know that I can get very wrapped up in wanting every little thing that I do to be a polished piece of finality. While you want to do your art justice you also can’t be afraid to be organic. Sometimes being a little more raw can be true to what it needs to be. It can speak the right language.

3. Grab moments. I can’t remember the last time I ran into ANYBODY that said, “man, I just have so much time on my hands that I don’t know what to do with myself”. Life is typically not going to start adding empty hours to our days so when moments of inspiration arrive grab them, lean into them, don’t let them go, come back to them in the quiet of the night because they are there for a reason. If God’s truly given you something then I bet it’s piece of the larger puzzle of “perfection”.


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