Weaponize Love with Melody

Music is the universal language of mankind.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

So why write a blog about music being a universal connecting point between all people? We all know that feeling when our favorite song comes on the loudspeaker at the grocery store and you make eye contact with another total stranger who is also singing under their breath while they search for the perfect tomato, that sound when everybody is singing Sweet Caroline at the top of their lungs at the baseball game, that time when your church is at the huge ending tag of that one song that everyone loves to sing. We all have seen the power of the beauty of music to unite us. 

We forget that music isn’t just something that lives in the background of our days but it is a thread that sews together our cultures, it defines our movements, its poetry says what our heart was feeling in ways that we couldn’t voice otherwise. We forget that music is our weapon as we fight to make our voice heard.

Now it sounds like an oxymoron to call music our weapon, but rest-assured that those who wish to communicate anything from prejudice to any agenda to hate all hold in their hands this weapon. I must be aware that as a songwriter and a believer in Christ that my place on the firing line is to weaponize love with melody. Why are Christians largely misunderstood or called narrow-minded, it is because the message of Jesus Christ is not told in a language that people will understand. Music kicks down doors and breaks down walls. The fuel for that machine for believers in Christ is the gospel.  My place, my role is to realize that fact and not fight empty-handed. 

So writers take what God has given you, weaponize love with melody, and fire away.


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