What is 7in7?


I had a few messages from you guys asking what 7in7 was. I forget that I hadn’t explained myself this year. 7in7 is a challenge for artists to create 7 pieces of art (one for every day) for 7 straight days, whether it be a song, a writing, or a visual art piece. This is the first year for it to include something other than just songwriting. I have participated these past couple of years and it has been a huge challenge but something I really love. Songwriting is something I really love. 7in7, for me, is a chance typically to explore other types of writing that I don’t typically do, and this year will be no different I hope. This is day 3 now as I write this, and my Day 1 was a folktronica tune, Day 2 completely acapella, and Day 3 is an acoustic story song (that I still need to post).

The point of it all is just to create. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the pressure to put up something awesome everyday, but it’s about shucking insecurity and embracing creativity. So if you want to check it out I’ll be posting everyday through twitter and Facebook but also go check out all that these artists are doing. It’s truly incredible. Just go to twitter and search #7in7 or you can get specific with #listen7in7, #look7in7, or #read7in7

Here’s a blog by my friend who started this whole thing Aaron Ivey about it all: http://www.create7in7.com/blog/

Here’s the links to my first two songs:

Day 1: https://soundcloud.com/aric-harding/7in7-day-1-2013-fragile-love

Day 2: https://soundcloud.com/aric-harding/7in7-2013-day-2-a-prayer



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