Vantage Point:



I was walking around the other day trying to figure out where my phone could possibly be. I tried to log on and use the “find your iPhone” app to send a noise to it, but it wasn’t logging on. I was getting crazy frustrated and about to lose it because I had calls to make and places to go. Of course I knew that the last person to have my phone was my little mini me Harper. I realized that I had been going about this all wrong. I had been looking for my phone as “me” when I wasn’t the last person who had my phone. I got down on my hands and knees and started looking around. I looked around at the room itself. It’s a totally different place from down there than it is from 6 feet. Eventually I found my phone nestled under the edge of my ottoman.

It all made me think about how great and huge the gift of Jesus is to us. God the Father has an infinite vantage point but to prove it to us he sent Jesus to stand where we stand and walk how we walk to show us that he gets it. He sees through our eyes what life is like. In that he still extends us grace.

Where in your life do you need to change your vantage point to those that you see everyday? What hurt is there around you that you haven’t stepped inside of to sympathize with well? Have you gotten down on the level with your kids to view the world through their eyes? Where can you show grace in the way that God has shown it to you by simply changing your vantage point?


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