“You Live” New Song / New Blog

The thought that’s been rolling around in my heart in light of the events of these past months of mine and my family’s life is that God really does take ALL THINGS and create beauty from it. We hear these amazing stories of what God does in the lives of people in times of extreme poverty, war, loss, sickness and God shines in unbelievable and unfathomable glory. 

We have seen that in our lives in the Harding house. I have seen that in the faces of the people who stand in the congregation every single week in the HRA. Where does that light come from? When I think about the glory of God I always think back to that song Marvelous Light by Charlie Hall. There’s that one part of the song that says “Lift my hands and spin around, see the light that I have found”. I honestly used to think that was the dippiest part of the song until I really stepped back and looked at the words. He is saying God’s glory has no directional source, like the sun or a lamp. God’s glory is all encompassing, so therefore it reaches every place. That means it still touches me on my best day and my worst day so therefore also that means that God’s glory doesn’t originate in me, but it reflects off of me and permeates me. 

Our God is active, alive, and present. That perspective affects all things. I’m not sure if this song will make it to this week’s service. We will see how things shake down at practice, but here’s the lyrics to start you off with::::::

“You Live”

This world is running out of time
You live Lord, Your glory shines
and the blinds the death 
that’s creeping around me

Our hearts raise the banner high
You live Lord, You give us life
Let the morning bring 
the light of hope to me

Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh (i know why type those but I did so deal)

You’re Alive, You’re Alive
Death is swallowed in Your eyes
I am Yours, You are mine
My God

Shake this dirt beneath my feet
You live Lord, Release the deep
Holy fire, fill the skies, fill our eyes

Your blood, our sin’s covering
You live Lord, You make us clean
now rise up in me, rise up in me, rise up in me

Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh 

You’re Alive, You’re Alive
Death is swallowed in Your eyes
I am Yours, You are mine
My God


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