11 years with Glenna


When you finally land on that person that you think “man, I’m going to spend the rest of my life with this girl” it’s a total risk. It’s a risk of your heart and these days it seems, your assets. For me I was 25 years old. I was dating a girl who was just 19 (don’t judge me) and I was already thinking of a life together forever. First of all, no one is who they are going to become when they are 19, but there were already things about Glenna Carmack that let me know that this gamble was pretty much a sure thing. 

Glenna even at that age had so many things about her that made me look like the child in the relationship that I couldn’t help but do everything I could to marry her. She was so compassionate to even the most vile stranger. She had an obvious love for others that was a direct reflection to the love of God that poured out of her. She was a true friend to everybody. She carried their burdens when they couldn’t anymore. Also from a strictly human standpoint Glenna was so beautiful which is obviously a must, but also she was a great athlete (bonus!)

Some people start off with greatness and then let life kinda beat it out of them. Glenna has proven to be the opposite. She has taken every challenge in our lives and remained true to who God has made her to be. I often joke that in our relationship I’m the front door and Glenna is the living room. People may meet me first but then as soon as they’ve met Glenna they get on past the front door and love to be in the living room. As a minister it’s such a blessing to have a wife that holds me up and walks with the Lord in her times of strength and her times of weakness in ways that inspire me. She’s so grounded and even keel.

This past season of being foster parents has really proven our marriage. It’s made us depend on each other in ways we could have never known otherwise. Glenna is truly my best friend. She’s an incredible mom, teacher, and friend. These first 11 years have been increasingly real and wonderful. I can’t wait to see all of the years to come.

Happy Anniversary G.



2 thoughts on “11 years with Glenna

  1. This almost single-handedly counteracts all of the sadness and despair of yesterday for me. God’s beautiful love is still worth believing in. The front porch and the living room are “living proof”!!

  2. That was beautiful. And I totally agree with
    it all. I personally know her, and all these beautiful qualities that she posseses. I love her and I’m proud of the sweet marriage y’all have. What a great example you both are to all who know y’all. Congrats and blessings and love too! Shawni

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