7in7 Day One Song Post: “This is my Wonderful Life”

So of course 7in7 would start on my day off which you think would be easy to knock out a song but my day off is kinda my day on! As a father of four I love Thursdays because its a whole day with the family that starts with a donut run and ends with a hiphop dance class (I’m not in it, just watching Rylor)
So I had about 5 minutes on a run to the grocery store to get some thoughts together and after the kids went down I ran up to my little room I’ve put together for the week and went to work. This is a song about my lady. She does so much and our life is always fast paced and fun, so this song is really not about the literal pace of our lives but more about the pace of our relationship.

See you tomorrow!


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