Surrounded So Far So Close Release This Saturday: IT’S MONDAY!

It’s Monday morning. I just finished cutting up a pear and a banana for the boys, turning on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and getting down a box of plastic jewelry for Evie to put on her dolls.  I’m a little tired from last night. We spent about 5 hours pulling down lighting and staging starting the process of putting together the big show saturday.  I’m determined to finish the stage build, media design and practice before the last minute this time.  It seems like no matter what I do it’s down to the last minute getting those last things in place.  I want to have one album release that I’m simply waiting for it to begin.

This time I decided that I was going create all of the images for the show as well as the staging instead of just throwing up a bunch of stock stuff.  So thanks to some of you guys that have helped me get that done.  I hope you all will come out and get a copy of the album and the DVD. The DVD will have the film “Cinepoeme” which is a film shot on Super 8 film (no digital stuff), plus a collection of interviews, and a dance mix of “Yes”.

The album itself has 7 songs and 2 hidden tracks (ya how 90s of me).  After the night of the release the whole thing will be available at the church.  Within the month it will be available on amazon and iTunes.  The DVD extra will only be available by order from or at Sagemont Church for now.

See You guys at Sagemont on Saturday Night (Oct 30) at 7pm.  Here’s the church address so that you can throw it in your iPhone if you get lost 11300 S. Sam Houston Parkway East, Houston, TX 77089


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