Film Update: Cinepoeme

Ok so I’m almost finished shooting the film that will accompany the new album affectionately entitled “Surrounded So Far So Close”.
It has been a lot of fun seeing what I get out of these old cameras. I will post a couple of nuggets of the raw footage within the week, just so you can catch the flavor. Anything I throw up there, mind you, will be something that I shot with my iPhone that I was projecting onto this little crumby screen that we found in my garage when we moved into our house through a reel to reel projector that hasn’t had the bulb changed since the 70s. All of that to say it won’t be an accurate representation of what the finished product will look like but it will be an idea of where it began.
I digress, as for the alubm itself. It is in the process of being mastered and will go to print within the next week, so I have yet to decide if it will be available before the movie is out, as well.
Either way, thanks for hanging in there with me.
peace out



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