Ok so I have gotten off of center with the film finally. I shot part of the footage for “Yes” the other night and also scouted spots for “Don’t Slow Down” so I’m ready to set a date for that shoot.
Rylor and I were going to go shoot his stuff today but he’s got his first man injury of some type that he received beating out a throw to home last week in the playoffs in …t-ball. (Hey still a big deal)
I also kind of bought three more vintage super 8 cameras off of ebay today. I spent a whopping $23, so I’d say that’s not too bad.
At any rate the vision is moving forward and soon becoming a reality. The album will be mastered by the end of the week, the hidden track is complete, the dance remix is in the works and all is right with the creative world.
I did however decide on another addition that I began tonite after I was spinning the head of a Mulan Princess doll that had lost out in an earlier battle in playroom on the center of the “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” vinyl that me and the kids were listening to. No details available but it will be a song that will only be in the movie and not the album itself…so just decide now to go deluxe on your purchase!
more to come…


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