More Details on that whole film thing

I always loved the look of my old home movies that were shot on Super 8mm film (not video tape). They have a beautiful quality that is other worldly. It’s funny, I could be looking at a shot of me and my brother just running in the front yard as kids but it doesn’t look mundane or normal because of the look of 8mm film. I want to tell the story of these new songs (even if it is just trying to capture the heart of them) with a medium that I know can hold up to the heart of the music. The downside to this little venture is that it is wicked expensive. We are so spoiled by this digital age and it is wonderful in so many ways but you can never recreate that warmth of film. I should make a paypal button for people who want to donate to the “raw stock” pot a little.
I’ve had the hardest time finding a working camera. I’ve finally got two that are hopefully working. I have to send any raw stuff that I shoot to Burbank, California to get it processed so it’s not like running down to the one hour at Walgreens. I shot some test stuff in the backyard of the kids. I hope it comes out good. I’m throwing it in the mail tomorrow. I’m crossing my fingers.


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