Harper Frank Harding

It’s the snowy night tonite and I just got back from practice about 10 minutes ago.
I walked into my house and the only light I could see was the light of my Christmas trees.  We have the “fancy tree” in the living room and the “kid’s tree” in the playroom.  It’s funny to see how both really represent their maker.  Any of you guys that have kids know exactly what I mean.  I took off my shoes and headed up stairs trying to be as quiet as I could.  I stopped off at Rylor’s room to kiss him on the forehead like I always do.  i then quietly sneaked into Everett’s room to put her blanket back on her, like I always do and then I headed to my room and there was Glenna sleeping quietly on her side of the bed, but now there’s a change in my Wednesday night routine.  Right next to our bed is “our boy” as Rylor and I have decided to call him.  Harper is enjoying his second night’s sleep in his new house. The house is peaceful so I headed downstairs to just write a couple of things about Harper.

Harper is perfect.  I know kids are pretty much that way once the nurse cleans them off after they are born, so I’m just enjoying it immensely.  He’s got the most hair of any of our kids at birth.  Rylor had a good head of dark hair, Everett was a little more bald than she is now, and Harper just flat out has got a ton of hair.  He’s got a little round face and big eyes.  When he opens them up he just cuts them from side to side and when he looks right at you they cross just a little.  It’s wonderful to just be with him.  He’s a good eater, so far a pretty good sleeper, and he loves to be cuddled, so I guess he reminds me of me.

I know that life has seasons and we’re entering another one.  I remember the first night we had him at the hospital and just looking at him and saying to him, “for the rest of your life I’m going to know you.  For the rest of your life you’ll be my boy and my world is changed because of this moment.”  You guys are gonna love this one.  Thank God for kids, he really did mine right.  I’ll never deserve them.


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