Nashville Trip and an Album Update

Scratch the Surface.
There it is. This is the album title for the album that has literally been coming for 5 years.  It has always been a passion and goal of mine to work on a new recording of some of these worship songs that I’ve been working on and leading with for several years.  Of course once the project actually got shored up with a decent list and I had “trimmed the fat” as you could say, I started having a writing frenzy.  I really want to be putting out an album of some type every 18 months.  Recently I’ve kept up that pace with offspring but not with albums.  My wife wouldn’t agree probably but putting an album together is usually a 9 month process that has a lot of sickness, nesting, anticipation, you have to name it, you send out announcements, and when it finally shows up it’s a big deal.  So while Glenna is finishing the baby cooking I’m wrapping up my other baby in the studio and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m probably more focused on the release than I am the mix.  I know who to trust in that situation so I’m in good hands.  
Music is a definite language that can reach deeper than any other form.  I’m on a flight right now to Nashville and I’m thinking about when I used to live out here and all of the stuff I got to see.  
I was an intern with EMI Christian Music Group for a semester my sophomore year at Baylor.  I absolutely loved it.  The mid to late 90s were a special time in Christian music.  There were actual gargantuan legends like DC Talk, Third Day, Audio Adrenaline, Phil Keaggy, and I was actually in the office the day that Switchfoot came through to meet everyone at the label for the first time.  Jon, Tim, and Chad were just a few kids that, like many other acts, had people excited about what could be coming next.  We were getting ready to shoot the video for their first single “Chem 6A” when we had to move the shoot to San Diego because Tim had a prom that weekend.  It was a magical time when I literally got to rub shoulders with my heroes and hey, I got school credit too.  
I never really told anyone until the last week that I was there that I had a band.  I didn’t want everyone to hate me.  As a worker inside the label I wanted to learn stuff not be viewed as an outsider trying to grub up some contacts.  That was my first Nashville experience.
The next time I travelled back to Nashvegas with my band Likeminds to play a showcase for Provident.  We were really on our game musically probably as much as we were ever going to be.  Once we got there it was a crazy whirlwind and the actual place for the showcase didn’t offer much to work with.  We did our best and had no regrets.  Ultimately we didn’t sign with anyone.  I think we gave it our best and God just was shaping our collective destinies in other directions.  Either way Nashville has a special place in my heart.  Today I’m going to see my old band mates play their first show out here at Rocketown tonight.  
As for the album, just getting out of my normal day to day lets me dream a little when it comes to my plans for the album.  I really struggled with the album name.  It always seems to doom a song when you name the album after a song.  I scribbled down lyric pieces and themes to try and piece together the overall running themes of the album and pen some uhber creative and brilliant title that would just pull the album magnetically off the shelf and into hands, but it just wasn’t coming.  I kept thinking, “Man, it wasn’t this hard naming our kids!”.  Finally I was thinking about these photos that Glenna had from school where she had taken the negative and scratched out her own design on the negative before she developed it.  Then “scratch the surface” came into my mind.  I just totally stopped brainstorming right then.  Of course I land on that when I’m really not thinking about it at all.  I fell in love with the whole idea immediately.  This is album really is scratching the surface.  I feel like God is beginning to move in our congregation in a huge way, and He leads me in my writing to bring new thoughts and ways of expressing things for Awaken that I really feel is the tip of the iceberg.  I think some of the strongest songs on the album lyrically came from things God birthed in me in my preparation for our Sundays.  Songs like “Lord of Glory” and “Returning” are songs that were and Ebenezer for some special moments of God’s movement.  
Overall there are going to be 12 tunes on the album and I’m really proud of them all.  Worship music needs to be recorded.  I think as much as we are plugged in to our iPods these days we need an music that connects us to what’s important in our lives.  I’m not the guy that is constantly listening to only worship music or anything but it definitely fills my office, my house, and my car daily.  
The date that I’m projecting for the release is January 24th there in the Hall at Sagemont Church.  It’s going to be a night to remember for sure.  I love a good party!  



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