Bud Selig is the Antistro!

I will short with my post since I feel that my title says it all. 
Let’s take a playoff race and make it more difficult on you by removing your “home field advantage” and sending you to your biggest current rival’s field to play.  Just hang out and there and get booed constantly when everyone knows that Astros fans are the 10 man on the field.   Then throw on top of that that they were all worried about their own families and houses etc that were in the path of Ike. Bud Selig then has the audacity to soil the pages of our local paper with his half-hearted liefest of garbage.  Let’s be men here, he was just too lazy to care about Houston or the Astros.  These guys fight tooth and nail day in and day out from April to September to make it to the playoffs, and to shoplift the hottest team in the majors with laziness just gets to the flesh in me (as you can tell by my post)

OK I feel like Chevy Chase in Christmas vacation when he freaks out at the end and then cousin Eddie brings his boss to him in his pajamas gagged with a big red bow on him.  So if anyone brings Bud Selig to my house in a big red bow I’ll just leave him there with the mosquitoes, since I still don’t have any power.


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