I found a horrible way to lose 7 pounds.

I started to get fever last sunday afternoon.  Monday it felt like I had broken every rib on my right side.  Tuesday it moved to my left. Wednesday I woke up feeling like I’d lost a fight with a hammer on my head.  By wednesday night I had taken the normal meds that make this type of thing subside and when it didn’t I got pretty freaked out.  It didn’t even touch it.  As a side note, all of this is happening during the Houston Mission Project with the student ministry, which was awesome by the way as a side note on a side note.  I was sleeping on the couch in my office since we were all staying in the building and about 1:20am I started hurting so bad that I put on my house shoes and a blazer and drove myself to the emergency room.  

As soon as I got there the receptionist had me filling out all of this paper work while she blared soap operas on the TV.  About the time I was going to ask her to turn it down I had to change my message to, “where’s the bathroom?”  So I lost everything I’d eaten that day.  Long story short I have a severe severe sinus infection, which I wasn’t totally sure but I don’t think that’s a medical term “severe severe” but they felt it necessary to put it on there twice.  I was fine with it since it definitely felt “severe severe”.  Luckily the cat scan came back fine, just a normal head, so I guess I’m going to pull through.  Worship may be interesting in the morning since I’m still not out of the woods yet.  But my silver lining is that my pants fit better now.  


2 thoughts on “I found a horrible way to lose 7 pounds.

  1. Hey Aric its Jackie, from church…sorry bout you being sick. You looked good on Sunday- hope you were feeling ok! Love the urgent care clinics- they are lifesavers! Can’t tell you how many times they have helped me with a screaming 3 yr old in the middle of the night!

  2. Ohh man sinus infections SUCK. I feel your pain man. I’m glad you’re doing better.

    OH. So I went to this karaoke place in the tie square area after work last monday and the MC of the night looked like he could have been your brother it was crazy and he kinda talked like you and had a similar sense of humor. it was awesome.

    just thought id tell you! haha
    get better!!

    love, Dannie

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