Warning Drivers!

So I took a break tonite and went to see Speed Racer.  I want to take Rylor to see it because he’s seen the previews and is dying to go,  but I wanted to check it out first.  

I know it kind of got a bad rap but I’m not really sure why.  I had a blast watching it.  It’s one of those definite adrenaline movies, but here’s my beef, they should really give anyone who sees the movie a little window sign that reads, “I just saw Speed Racer and delusional about how well I can drive”
I get in my little truck to head home and I felt like I just couldn’t slow down, but I didn’t notice it.  I looked down at one point and I was going like 80 something and I had my hands at 10 and 2.  I grabbed my iPod and put on some slow John Mayer and it didn’t help.  So warning if you go see it, go somewhere close to home so you can hopefully get home without killing yourself! 


One thought on “Warning Drivers!

  1. warning noted. but I know what you mean, it’s hard to drive the speed limit at night when the freeways are empty and all the right lights are green:)

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