Rylor’s first stitches

Well, today I got a call from Glenna and she was on her way to the emergency room with Rylor.  I hear from parents all the time about all these trips to the emergency room and so I’ve always been like, “well I guess that I’m just lucky.” Well time has run out for us.  Rylor learned the lesson about not leaning back in a chair early.  He was leaning over in a chair talking to Everett and went a touch too far and then the next thing he met was the chalk tray on his very very sturdy art eisle.  He got a good knock. 

We went to the emergency clinic over on 518 and Dixie Farm Road and those people were awesome.  They put on a movie for him to watch and walked him through the whole thing.  Once the screaming from the numbing needle stopped he was so funny.  They kind of covered his face partially to put in the 3 stitches and he would hear a little noise of the scissors  or a clamp and he would stop talking and go, “hey, what was that noise?”  It was really funny.  Afterwards he was all being tough about it looking in the mirror and smirking.  If you happen to run into him it’ll be the first thing he talks about for sure.  We stopped at Target and every stranger got the whole story.  
For a scary situation it has created some pretty funny memories. 


5 thoughts on “Rylor’s first stitches

  1. oh no!! poor guy.

    get used to it. ash has had staples in his head.. and he once swallowed a coin.. and then proceeded to spit up blood. emergency room visits and boys are a given.

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