Being an Artist

Being an artist is a gift from God.  The more I’ve been thinking about it the more I’m convinced of it.  As an artist you have this gift to express a lot of stuff that’s going on either personally or spiritually.  It’s not just getting something off your chest, it’s not just blogging or talking to your best friend about your problems, it’s making something beautiful or important or offensive, but either way it’s substantial and lasting.  The offense in my life, I feel, is that I waste my life on a lot of the artificially beautiful instead of creating. 
and I guess the evidence is that I’m sitting here blogging right now.



One thought on “Being an Artist

  1. i LOVE that. it’s so true. I feel that way as an actor and as a dancer. Any artist, I feel has this amazing opportunity to show humans how to be just that. if anything artists are the most human in the world.

    Thank you for that blog, Aric. =) definitely inspiring.

    i hope all is well with you.

    love to the family.

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