Las Vegas

I was in Las Vegas Monday – Wednesday for the NAB conference.  It was awesome to see all of the most cutting edge media stuff in the world.  It was also awesome to see that many geeks in one place.  At one point I got kind of frustrated with the crowd and I came up with the idea to put a hot girl holding a huge plasma TV in that parking lot, what the girl didn’t get the TV would for sure clinch!  

It really was cool.  We went down to the old strip Freemont Street.  I took my camera and snapped some shots of the old signs with the billion bulbs and all that.  It made me think about the old U2 video for Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.  It was those same signs and the same street!  Pretty humbling.

Overall, what a sad town. Vegas was the culmination of everything I don’t want my life to really be about.  It was sex and excess.  (well, I’ll take both of those at home, I’m not sure which first)  It just kind of hangs over the whole city.  Don’t think I’d ever have want to take my kids!  

crazy / here’s a link for that U2 video

I’ll post some of my pictures that are in the video.



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