I love my dad: Ain’t life full of interesting stuff!

Tonite Rylor and I went to the Rockets game.  Glenna had a scrapbooking thing so I had the kids.  Sue was super nice and offered to watch Everett (who is the sweetest baby in the world FYI). A friend of mine called and he had two extra tickets, which if you follow the Rockets this was a big game tonite.  Shaq, Stoudemire, Nash all heading in to town.  
Now these tickets weren’t just any tickets, they were courtside 4th row.  I’ve never been this close before.  Rylor couldn’t fully appreciate it.  It actually was funny because before we left I was showing Rylor a 3D seating chart for the Toyota Center and he was dying to sit up in the nosebleeds because he thought it looked fun to climb up there.   

Well we got to the game and it was awesome.  Rylor was a little overwhelmed. Tonite they were honoring Hakeem.  They unveiled his Hall of Fame banner and he made a speech.  It was a great sports moment.  The crazy thing was right before the game Hakeem came walking by and sat like less than 10 feet away from us.  Then JayZ and Beyonce come walking in and sit right beside them.  It was pretty crazy!  I’m not a big fan of either but it was pretty cool.  I grabbed a shot of them with my cellphone.  I was so close to bringing Glenna’s camera but at the last second I didn’t.  

so after I’ve done my picture snapping I sent a text to my dad that said, “I’m at the Rocket’s game and I’m sitting 10 feet from Hakeem, JayZ, and Beyonce!”  Dad’s reply was awesome.  It was a great perspective statement that just made me love him more than I already do.  

Dad’s reply was, “Great! I am on a paddle wheel steamboat going down the mississippi river.  Ain’t life full of interesting stuff! Love u! Dad”

It was such a bizarre thing to be doing, but for dad he was as elated to be on the steamboat as I was to be so close at a Rocket’s game.  It was like we were both having fun together.  

so whatever you’re doing today… Ain’t life full of interesting stuff.JayZ and Beyonce


2 thoughts on “I love my dad: Ain’t life full of interesting stuff!

  1. thats awesome. my dad almost fell out of the car while in the drivers seat, leaning out the door, trying to get a ball from the street, about 30 minutes ago. life IS full of interesting stuff!

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