Me and my lady are heading to NYC

We’re here in Houston at Hobby waiting to board a plane to Baltimore to eventually today get to Long Island to ride a train to Manhattan to catch a cab to our Hotel, where we will sleep a full night’s sleep.  YEAH! We’re really pumped to just be off reservation for a few days.  We spent our honeymoon in Manhattan and it’ll be fun to just get back there.  We haven’t been somewhere alone in so long that I can’t remember not being that way.  We’ve been quite a few times so I think we’re going to bypass the typical tourist schtuff and spend time just hanging out at the park, going to the MOMA, eating, shopping, taking lots of pictures.  We’re got a medium format camera to tryout and about 10 Gigs of memory cards to blow through.  There are so many things to shoot there that it’s hard to not fill’em up fast. If you’ve never been to NYC I highly suggest it before that whole “I am Legend” thing happens.  In that case you might get to meet Will Smith but then you’d be some type of weird vampire or cancer mutant, I’m not sure. I still haven’t rented that one.  Rylor was cracking me up because he, of course, wanted to go with me.  I told him that we’d go when he was 7 or maybe 6 if he was good.  He then immediately begins to try and bargain me down to 5, by saying, “I want to go when I’m 5 because I haven’t been 4 a long time yet”.  He makes a good argument, and I can’t wait until he and I can hit the road on a man adventure.  5 might be a little early, but maybe he’ll be a really good boy.  We’ll see.peacearic 


3 thoughts on “Me and my lady are heading to NYC

  1. Hey, when you are grabbing a dog; ask the guy where he washes his hands after…….well, never mind…..seriously though – have an awesome time my friend!!!!

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