The longest day of my life: Tuesday

we are on about hour 28.5 of Tuesday. I got to do tuesday afternoon in Tokyo and in Chicago, so I don’t know if I ate dinner twice or skipped breakfast or if it was all just on big brunch, but we’re still not home. We’ve gotten delayed in Chicago and we’re finally about to board. We’ll be home around 11:00 pm on a day that we woke up at 5:00am and somehow squeezed a double day out of it. That would be really cool to do as your birthday so that you could follow your birthday around the world. Maybe if we ever get really really rich. chances aren’t good with me being a minister and a musician.
Oh ya we played in the snow here in Chicago for like 10 minutes. That was a bad idea. Wet and freezing!



5 thoughts on “The longest day of my life: Tuesday

  1. Oh Aric, you’s a crazy.

    GAHHHH thailand!!! Everybody is getting out and going all over the freaking world, and here I am seemingly stuck in NY. I hope that you get home or already home super safe and get some well deserved rest.


  2. Found your blog interesting because I just returned from the conference. I googled “baby elephant jomtien beach” and got here. E-mail me…

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