What’s the capital of Thailand?

we made the treck back to Bangkok today.  It was pretty uneventful compared to the last taxi ride, which was nice.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I’m actually excited to get back to Houston for some clean air!  Bangkok is shockingly poluted.  We were riding on this little two man taxi / ricshaw thing today and we got behind a bus for a second and nearly died from the exhaust.  Right now we are at some internet cafe posting and there is a Thai guy in there who has to have spent about 6000 Baht on doing karoke and Americans need not fear!  We’ve found the new weapong against terror.  This guy is really really really really really bad.  He’ll finish a song and then look around like, “where are my fans”  answer – crazyville where you came from. 

We had to say goodbye this morning to all of our new friends there in Pattaya.  It was really hard knowing that we may not see any of them again.  We got together with all of the students and logged onto our myspaces and got all friended up, so at least we’ll be able to stay in touch with them.  God did some incredible things this past week.  Your prayers were not in vain.  In hindsight we’ve even been able to see more of what he’s already done. 

We’ve got one more day to kill in Bangkok, so if our lungs survive we’re going to go try and see a little culture tomorrow.  Maybe I can get karoke guy to show us around and save the rest of these people. 

That’s it for now.  Awaken people you are in our thougths and prayers as you are getting ready to go.  We love you all.




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