Night driving

we decided to take one more day for the motorbike. It was only 200 bat a day which is like 6 bucks. totally worth it. Right after I had re-rented the bike we were driving through Juntiem Beach and this policeman flags me down (which just as a side note when I was asked if I had been shown any Thailand traffic laws there really can’t be any. It’s a total free-for-all. Big intersections are actual death traps) so the cop flags me down and tries to start telling me that he’s writing me a ticket for having no license and no helmet on, which, of course I have no license but I had a helmet but it is like 2 sizes too small so it does me absolute no good and and gives me an automatic headache. As we are standing there and he’s telling me this about 30 locals drive by with no helmets, so I start going off on the guy (with the love of Christ) I was like, “I’m not paying 500 Bat for a law that no one is following and I have never heard of. That’s ridiculous” of course since he only knows like 10 english words I think he just understood the absolutely not part. So I go to the “police station” and talk to that guy and he’s no help so I go back to the police officer and bartered it down to 300 which is about 9 dollars. That’s definitely the cheapest traffic ticket I’ve ever gotten! I was telling that to some of the missionaries at dinner tonite and they were laughing that if I’d done that in China where they live, someone would have found my body in a back alley.
We ended up being out way after dark and having to drive the biggest road in Pattaya on the motorbike. It was cake compared to the rest of the day, but it was definitely a rush flying down the street all the way around the globe on a bike like that. We just grabbed some dinner and during dinner a baby elephant came up to our table. It was crazy. I swear we’ve got pictures of stuff, we’ll try to upload before we go to bed for the night.
we’re about to go and hang with the students some more. We have a special communion service in the morning. Please pray that it will be a special conclusion for these leaders.



4 thoughts on “Night driving

  1. These updates are great script material for the feature film “Aric and Ben’s Excellent Adventure” or at least a Flying Circus episode:)

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