Update Number One: Bangkok to Pattaya to Breakfast

I’ll try to not make this crazy long because if you’re like me you just see it and go…, “hmm, I’ll read that later.” and then of course never do.

I am sitting at breakfast at the Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel in Pattaya here in Thailand. It is a beautiful place. We finally arrived here Wednesday afternoon at about 2pm went straight to a 2:30 leaders meeting and grabbed dinner and went to lead worship for the first session. It was incredible. It is in a smaller place. There is about 150 or so leaders from all over Asia and the Pacific Rim. When we started the first song they all just started singing… really loud! It was great. I love leading when people just sing their hearts out. They weren’t waiting for some creative prompting from me. They weren’t basing their willingness to sing to God on mine and Ben’s ability to play our instruments. I’m actually fully convinced that I could have just put the words up sang the first word to start the key and we could have just watched. That’s a great feeling. It’s very freeing as a leader to not have to feel like you are carrying the whole weight of it all.

I’ll give you a couple of quick snapshots of our trip from my last post to now. When I last posted we were split up in Tokyo, well we found each other in Bangkok right on the other side of customs. One of the first things that we said to each other was, “have you been getting a lot of weird looks when you tell people that we are going to Pattaya?” Evidentally Pattaya is a pretty dirty place. c’est la vie. we got through customs to find ourselves swarmed with taxi people offering to take us all over the place. At this point we just want to sleep…anywhere. We end up at a two-star Bangkok hotel. To put it in perspective a little, on the cab ride there the guy asked us if we wanted a massage that night in our room and then handed us a brochure and these girls on the brochure were no doubt talented but definitely not massage therapists. We respectfully declined.
That night we got to our room about 3am and Ben sacked out. I’d had a sinus headache since about Monday afternoon and with that couldn’t lay down to sleep. I was up literally all night standing in a hot shower that never did help my headache. I did go down to the “lobby” and aks where the vending machine was, I was then placed on the back of a motorcycle (in my pj’s basically) and driven about 3 miles away to a 7/11. I grabbed some Pringles and a Coke Zero. Just as an FYI if you need to located and Bangkok transvestites they are all at the 7/11 around 3:45am. At least the stray dogs didn’t catch us on our way there. I’m pretty sure they had rabies.
The next morning I woke Ben up around 8:15 because there was an actual massage that came with our night’s stay. They really worked on my shoulders and it helped my head out a lot. It didn’t totally go away until about noon on Wednesday. Actually I woke up with one again this morning. My sinuses are just going nuts!!!! which is driving me nuts.
We drove to Pattaya and the guy got lost and people were right most of Pattaya is pretty dirty. It seems to be in the middle of a rebuilding. They seem to be really pushing their resorts again. Once we finally got to our place we were blown away. It’s huge and really incredible. It makes a little nostalgic for our poor little two-star back in Bangkok (not at all)
Prayer requests:
1. I gotta stop having headaches!!! I’m fed up with them.
2. God would lead Ben and me to say and play the right songs to really lead in the refreshing of these missionaries.
3. God would lead Ben and me to the conversations that we need to have with these missionaries to learn from them and be transformed by their lives.
4. We are going to get a chance to hang out with the teenage kids of these missionaries some this week. Pray that we can encourage them as we just have fun with them.
5. Pray that God would speak to me personally as I pray about what he would have me do as a leader and a minister back at home.
6. Pray for my family. They are without me, and it’s hard to be apart.
7. Lastly, pray that the European male guests at this place would repent of wearing speedos around the pool. they’re killing me!

love all of you guys.
thanks for your prayers.



7 thoughts on “Update Number One: Bangkok to Pattaya to Breakfast

  1. I wish I were there worshiping with you guys. Y’all are awesome leaders. Obviously, I check for messages often, but then “I’m the Mama.” I’m especially praying about those headaches. Keep writing. It’s so good to hear how things are going.
    Love you, Mom

  2. Europeans = Speedos… Thanks, now I can’t get that out of my head.

    Seriously, I’ll be praying for the both of you, It’s exciting to get of of the 4 walls and see what God is doing.


  3. Sounds like an exciting trip so far. I don’t know that I would get on a motorcycle at 3:00AM in bangkok. I’m glad to hear the dogs didn’t get you and ben had a great night sleep. I thought you brought your speedo so you wouldn’t feel left out, I know ben did.

  4. Guys… we miss you more than you could possibly know.
    praying for all you have requested…
    Make a difference in the live of those you meet. Rest, (yea right) and get plenty of water in your body…
    I would give you a cookie if you were here…but alas…
    I was trying to imagine how incredible it would be to be in the worship service where people worship with all that is in them…I don’t know what holds people back…I do know that it must be the most amazing thing to see…your heart is all over the place in your comments about worship there. you guys are the BEST…come home refreshed, and encouraged. You guys are loved,

  5. Aric,
    We’ve enjoyed your blog. Can’t believe you’re on the other side of the world. Steve & I were in Singapore in about 10 yrs ago. So we can relate to the long flights. Are you in the area that was devastated by the tsunami? We’ll keep you guys in our prayers. We’ll be watching the blog for more Speedo updates.
    Love, Steve & Kristy

  6. Aric,

    I am sorry your head is hurting. I know that is a real show stopper for you. Maybe you should go to the doctor over there and have a surgery. I bet one of those trannys will do it.

    We miss you brother and I know God is using you all! Did you find a fan to help you sleep? Have you gone to Virgin Records to get a cd? How is the tube? (just thinking about our international venture to London)

    Okay, I’m out!

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