Hello From the Future!

First of all I am probably not going to type much because this Japanese keyboard is really weird but i am in Tokyo on my way to Bangkok.  Ben is already on his flight.  Much to our surprise we were not on the same flight on this last leg so i am still here and he is on his way.  The last flight was forever long.  We still have not slept a wink.  That may change on this next flight but too soon to know for sure.  It was depressing to get here and realize that the next flight from here is half as long as Dallas to Tokyo.  Honestly I got a real sense of how far from home I really am.  It would take me a long time to get back home.  I started to think about all of the troops who are away from home halfway around the world missing their families.  The vastness of this planet is really humbling.  Then when you put it in the context of the solar system, then the galaxy, then the universe, God starts to look pretty big pretty fast. 

It is already late on tuesday here, so I can tell you that the future is awesome.  when this day catches up with you guys you:re going to love it. 

Please be praying for us as we are leading out in Thailand.  Specifically be praying that we can recover from the trip over quickly and get right to work. 

to quote Steven Wright, Its a small world but I wouldnt want to paint it.




5 thoughts on “Hello From the Future!

  1. Greetings from the past… Tuesday morning has started out to be a good one. I got woken up an hour earlier by my roommate making breakfast. It is now 7:38 am. I’m eating oatmeal and drinking coffee. I’m going to leave for class pretty soon. The past is cool but the future is probably cool.

    to quote Theodore Roosevelt (I think)… The more we know about our past, the better prepared we are for the future.


  2. Good to hear you made it! Now I know how superman used his superpowers to go back in time to change the past – he just went the opposite direction that you flew. Lisa, Macy, and I prayed for you and Ben last night and will do so each night as part of Macy’s bedtime prayer until you two return. Since philosophical quotes seem to be the soup du jour, please indulge: the great thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time (Abraham Lincoln). Enjoy yourselves as you labor for the Lord and if you eat out – make sure to check for collars by the dumpster first:)

  3. Future!!! WOW!!! What kinda airplane were you on? Thats awesome!! If I’d known you were going into the future I would have had you tell what Steve Jobs was going to announce at Macworld, that a been cool.

    Glad to hear you made it safely, we’ll be prayin’

  4. I hope you’re taking lots of pictures! Yeah, long flights back to back are killer, but how often do you get that kind of time for reflection? THere’s not much else you can do on a plane. Hope your trip is full.

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