I love a good story

I’m not really an avid TV watcher. My day doesn’t really revolve around running home and switching on the TV, but it is a part of my life. Really the only reason that i get to watch anything is the awesome invention DVR. I do feel bad for all of the these people who spend millions on commercials and then I just skip them, but that’s a whole other blog.
I am really wrapped up in several shows and I asked myself why??? One reason is that they are just really good. A few of the shows that I have to see are Lost, the Office, Heroes, and now I’m adding Chuck to the list. Since these all come on different days we just record them all and have a couple of hours each week that we veg and watch and laugh, but these shows are really entertaining.
The other reason that i’m wrapped up in some these shows, is that it really gets my creative brain firing sometimes. I’m constantly having to come up with different things for work and also some others that I just like to do myself for me or the fam.
Lastly, I have to say it creates a common bond with people. It’s really fun to talk about whose funeral it was in the season finale of Lost with someone who watches Lost. It’s an immediate connection.

So all of that to say, I’m really sad that baseball season is over, and thanks to the astros for keeping it interesting through a long summer, but I’m glad the fall season of shows have returned.


One thought on “I love a good story

  1. Too bad lost doesn’t start till February again.

    By the way, I know everything about Lost. I’ll be my manhood on it.

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