I’m exhausted!

yesterday morning as I was driving to work I pulled up at the stoplight at 518 and 2351. I saw this awesome mercedes convertible and she had the top down. A light went off in my head and I thought, “wait a minute…it could actually not be discustingly hot and muggy outside.” So I thought why should the rich convertible people have all the fun and I proceded to manually rolldown the window in my turquoise late model Toyota Tacoma (which I really do love by the way. Just recently I got both speakers working on the tape deck! whoo hoo)
I gambled and I was right. The weather was perfect. I went ahead and cranked the radio just to get the day started right when a truck pulled up next to me. I don’t know much about the truck itself except for the fact that it was lifted enough to place it’s oversized exhaust pipe about window level on my sweet innocent little truck. About the time the I looked to my left the light turned green and my serene moment of triumph was enveloped in the dark black cloud that was injected into the single cab of my truck. It really put me in a quandry. If I roll up the window at this point I’ll be housing my emmisional experience but if I leave it down it just gets worse. I would tell you what I did but I think the chemicals that were burning off of the truck’s engine have erased most of the day’s experiences after then. I do remember eating dinner that night. so if I talked to you on Monday and it seemed weird. Don’t hold it against me. It’s the fog talkin!


3 thoughts on “I’m exhausted!

  1. that really sucks. you should put a big lift kit on your truck. and then drive wherever you want. the other day i considered how easy it would be to just drive through parking lots and medians etc. and just make a bee line no matter where i was going. it seems like that would be better, and more fun. i don’t really know where that fits with what you posted. happy hunting.

  2. HA. That sucks. Don’t feel bad about the manual windows. I’ve got them on my black cherry Saturn too and I love that thing (when summer is over).

  3. i think people that have “big” trucks are trying to compensate for some other area of their life that is lacking! I mean really….thier not driving big trucks to be “safe” up there 🙂
    Hope your lungs are recovering well. Take care!

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