Goodbye Delila.

Today is that day. Today is the day that I have begun to change the station when “Hey There Delila” comes on the radio. It was a very good, catchy and sweet love song. It even had a reference to NYC and Time Square which have to be my favorite places in the world, but that might have only bought it a few extra days. So this morning on the way into work when I heard those first few chords begin to chime in after the DJ stopped yapping I extended my hand of judgment and changed the station to something else.

“Hey There Delila” 2007 – 2007 RIP



7 thoughts on “Goodbye Delila.

  1. At first I thought the title was Goodbye DELIA. After using my first name ALL DAY in dr. appointments, I thought you meant ME!!! Then I thought, “But I bought lunch today!” Surely, not ME!! Then I thought, “Oh, it says DELILAH.” “Whew, that’s a relief.” I couldn’t live a day without you and your precious wife and babies. Love you, Mom

  2. i still love it. Except, I sing it, “hey there, Whit-a-ney”…a song to myself, pretty pathetic, i know. And seeing as my name only has 2 syllables, and Delilah has three, it’s even more pathetic. Loves it.

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