Toll Booth

I think an interesting experiment with the toll booth people would be to get a recording of a song like “the chicken dance” or “the song that never ends” or “john jacob jinglehiemer smith” and just crank it in your car then go through the toll booth. Then several hours later come by and just ask them how long they stood in that booth and sang it over and over again.


5 thoughts on “Toll Booth

  1. Hey man. Congrats on the baby. I’m pretty bummed that we didn’t actually ever ‘hang’. Whenever you can, call me.

  2. We sang “The song that never ends” for sixteen minutes straight in Brownsville, it was Grants idea, and anytime we wouldnt shut up and he wanted us to, he would start to sing it. That has got to be the most annoying/catchiest song ever. It’s ridiculous.

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