I just had one of my top ten life moments the other night. I was at the Astros game on Thursday night with my son Rylor, my brother-in-law, my father-in-law, and my nephew. We had a great time. The beginning of the game wasn’t particularly that interesting, but there was just someting different about the fact tonite was a night that history could be made. If Craig Biggio could somehow get three hits we’d be a part of history for the city of Houston, Major League Baseball, and America and who doesn’t love America! I don’t have to tell you that as the night went on and each time Biggio came to bat the place would erupt in cheering and flashbulbs, and each time Biggio would come through with a hit, each time in more dramatic fashion than the last. When it came time for the 3000th hit he steps up to bat and I stood there with my family chanting my loudest BI – GI – O! BI – GI – O! Rylor being only 3 years old still had enough testosterone coursing through his tiny form to feel the gravity of the moment and he screamed BI – GI – O! BI – GI – O! Like some type of scripted film Biggio with one powerful swing of the bat cracks a shot to right center and the roof lifted off the building at least a foot! I have to admit that I always cry when I see sports movies like Hoosiers or Rudy or Bryan’s Song, so living one certainly floored me. We were all caught up in the moment screaming our voices hoarse and hugging total strangers, and of course there were plenty of highfives to go around! What a moment! I was just about to get it completely together when Biggio goes into the dugout and pulls out his bestfriend and longtime teammate Jeff Bagwell, then the whole place just goes crazy again.
I was thinking about blogging this experience and then talking about how it is a good example of how we should anticipate the moving of God in our culture and what the church’s reaction should be as gather, so I just did, but then I just chose not to church this one up and we can learn that lesson again tomorrow. For now let’s just know that there’s always great things to celebrate and today it was 3000 hits.



3 thoughts on “3000!

  1. Ooh! Ooh! I was there! That was amazing! I totally dropped my 5 dollar pretzel to clap and scream for Biggio as loud as i could!

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