Pizza, baseball, and a guy named Irish

I’m sitting at my favorite pizza place in the world, Frank’s, in downtown Houston. It’s the end of a long day of work. Glenna, my very pregnant wife, is in New York City taking in the sites with her sister, niece and her mom, and Rylor, my 3 year old son, is basking in the hugs of Nonnie and Grandpa. I love taking time when I’m not overloaded to just do the things that I love the most. Those things are usually be with my fam, but since they are gone, I’m left to default to the rest of the list. May and June have been a couple of the craziest months of my life. I’ll give you the 10 peso version ( a little Three Amigos allusion for you movie buffs). In the past 4 weeks I’ve been home for 5 days. I’ve been to the four largest cities in America, of course the fourth being Houston doesn’t count, but I’ve been to Los Angeles to do some meeting and planning for the Awaken service starting in August, I then went to New York with my dad for my cousin’s wedding and to shoot some videos for youth camp, then to Chicago for the Willowcreek Arts Conference which was excellent. In the meantime we are trying to sell our house and my wife is 7 months pregnant. (Did I mention it takes a special woman to put up with me? well it does) Then I flew back early from Chicago to pack up and go to youth camp in Giddings for 9 straight days of two back to back camps. It was a blast but the human body can only hold up for so long and no is that time.
which brings me to Frank’s Pizza on this beautiful Tuesday night. It’s like God let the clouds subside for a couple of hours so I could just enjoy it. When you get those times to yourself and you can do whatever what do you do? I love to just be creative. Some of the best ideas that I’ve ever had in my entire life, the most inspired, from God things that I’ve ever been a part of have come from the most random encounters of my life. Some people need to just be still. I need to just be creative. So after I put the youth building back together today at work I grabbed a camera and a couple of baseball gloves and got in the car. I just decided to go on a little photo excursion. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to photograph, I just knew I wanted to go. I took to baseball gloves because I really wanted to throw the ball for a while but I was all by myself. I did some driving and ending up parking by Frank’s Pizza downtown. The second that I stepped out of my car there was this skinny guy walking by and the first words out of his mouth were, “you going to play ball?” and I said, “well, I want to, what are you doing?” So I met a guy named Irish. Irish is a fellow believer. We talked about the Word, the Yankees, the Astros, divorce, kids, how to dodge the dog poop in the park. We just stood around and threw the ball for about 30 minutes and it was awesome. I really needed it and I think he did too. After that I just walked around in the setting sun and took some shots of Houston going to sleep and waking up to nightfall. I’ll go home and work on them some and put up a slideshow for you guys.
Do whatever it takes to get your heart moving. Throw a ball with a stranger, have slice of pizza (of course not too many, that will stop you heart too)



6 thoughts on “Pizza, baseball, and a guy named Irish

  1. Man. I’m just sitting in Barns & Noble reading the lives of other people and evaluating my own. I’m glad we’ve emailed and texted today. It reminds me of better times. Not saying I’m not good now, I just needed a little bit of refreshing and I think that did it.

  2. Chris, I can’t wait to sit down with you when you get back. It sounds like God is doing something new in your life right now. I was thinking today about that night you came over after the big break up last year. I think it was good for you but it was really good for me to be neede too. That has stuck in my head. I’m actually going to put up those pictures from this little excursion later on today.

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